Hello! I am Victoria Lee, a Monash FODMAP trained and an Accredited Practising Dietitian with special interest in gut health.

 As a dietitian for almost 10 years, I have come across many people who has been suffering from IBS symptoms. Some of them might have them for years without seeking help and has accepted them as their "normal" gut symptoms. 

In fact, many people are suffering from IBS in silence as they are embarrassed to share their concerns with others. Hearing stories from my IBS clients about how they are afraid to get out of their house or enjoy things that others do makes me want to help more. IBS indeed increases anxiety and stress in a person and decreases their quality of life. You do not need to live like this forever.

Working with my IBS clients has inspired me everyday and I am truly thankful to be part of their life. Improving IBS symptoms and witness their transformation is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

Helping you to regain freedom from IBS is what I look forward to!